Transforming Telehealth Training for Registered Medical Practitioners in India
  • Format of Training
  • Current Experience with Training
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • The way forward
Legal & Ethical Aspects – The Grey Areas
  • TPG – what needs to be changed?
  • Data Protection Act and Health
  • Good Practices – learnings from abroad
Challenges in Health Data Integration – National and State

5G and Telehealth – the Larger Impact

AI, Block chain and Telehealth

Wearables and impact on Tele-health

Remote Monitoring – How to cut costs and Improving Patient care

Space medicine – Ultimate Telemedicine Application

History of Telemedicine –
  • India
  • International
Standards – spelling it out
Health Apps in India
COVID-19 and Tele- consults
Wellness & Telehealth
STEMI project in Cardiology
ECHO global project
Health Insurance and Telehealth
pharmacies – Getting it Right for Telehealth in India
Health Websites – Delivering Trustworthy information
How can Rural Health care be Transformed Using Telemedicine?

Planned Workshops & Parallel Tracks
  • How to set up a Telehealth consultation Platform – DIY approach
  • Security issues in Telehealth
  • Setting up Payment Gateway
  • Standards - software and Hardware
  • Tele-ophthalmology - Joint meeting with WHO group & ITU
  • Symptom Checker - Joint meeting with WHO group & ITU
  • International Tel-health Societies - working together and sharing of good practice documents
  • Tele- health Initiatives by central & State Govt in India - Examples of Excellence

Supporting Partners